There are serious people who believe our planet to be flat.  You’re laughing, but visit some of their sites.  I’m not talking about the free-thinking gadflies of the Flat Earth Society.  I’m talking about fervent, sometimes quite intelligent, conspiratorial types, who’ve taken visual anomalies in various videos and photos of the sun, moon and earth, and meshed them with a variety of observed phenomena (albeit, subject to suspect interpretation), and constructed a worldview that turns our planet into a pancake, Antarctica into a great worldwide ring of ice, and NASA into the greatest arch-villain of truth in the history of the world.  Some of their explanations for how travel “around the world” is even possible on a flat earth model are actually rather clever.  And while I personally believe there to be a cadre of very devious con-artists running these operations; true dyed-in-the-flat-world believers aren’t people to mock (even though they dismiss non-believers as “round-earthers”).  They simply lack perspective.

Perspective plays a crucial role in your perception of things; as already shown, it can literally determine how you see the world.  While the idea of getting “down-to-earth” may allow you to focus in on meat-and-potato details of life, you can’t see the scope of your forest from the base of your trees.  When you want to know where you’re going, you look at a map – and when you pore over the fruit of the cartographer’s craft, you’re glimpsing a facsimile of the view from on high.

We are taught as children that authority comes from above – and rightly so.  Our authority figures tower over us, and we must look upwards to address them. Similarly, the celestial majesties point our gaze toward the heavens, and the handiwork of the Creator who reigns from a throne high and transcendent.  The view from above is broad, thorough and revelational – one we simply can’t acquire while treading dirt.

Why then wouldn’t everyone simply take a higher perspective on things?  Because those who would seize the view of the heights, must climb.  Climbing involves concerted, sweaty effort, the knowledge of where to place hands and feet, and the perils of falling.  People with a higher perspective on life have often passed through significant trials, which drove them upwards into places they may never have expected to go.  For many, the effort and dangers are enough to keep them solidly on the flat earth. The price to acquire vision does not come cheaply – but for those who succeed in attaining it, the expense is worthwhile.

Is the dried mud of tedium giving you a ‘flat’ view of your surroundings? Are you stuck in ruts carved by endlessly, fruitlessly plodding the same patch of ground?  Do you desire that well-rounded, global perspective enabling you to circumnavigate your world?  Then shift your focus upward, because the path forward in life is always clearer from the light of heaven’s eyes.